Enkelt och komplicerat kravarbete

Läste just Ken Schwabers definition av enkla respektive komplicerade krav. Det är den bästa beskrivningen av enkla krav som jag stött på…

Om enkla krav:
"It is possible to have simple requirements. A single customer who is the only person who will use the system can spend enough time with the developer that the two can agree exactly what to build. Assuming that this customer dies immediately after imparting his or her requirements, the requirements will remain constant, and there will be no changes, revisions or last minute modifications"

Om komplicerade krav:
"More commonly, there are many stakeholders (those with an interest in the software and how it works) who have different needs and whose needs frequently change, and are difficult to articulate. In most cases these customers only really start to understand what they want when they are provided with someone elses impression of what they want. Theirs are complex requirements, because their requirements are not only ambiguous, but also constantly changing"


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