Kanban-stöd i TFS 2010

Microsoft har tagit fram ett stöd för att arbeta med KanBan i Team Foundation Server. Se mer på http://vsarkanbanguide.codeplex.com/.

David Andersson har sagt följande om denna:

While this template doesn’t really deliver the spirit of kaizen nor easily enable the a sequence of changes and improvements, it is a big start. It will go a long way to encouraging adoption of kanban systems and a service-oriented, service-delivery model for software development. Kanban systems do help control variation in flow (mura) and eliminate overburdening (muri, if WIP limits are set even vaguely correctly). So I really want to encourage Microsoft and encourage .Net users and MSDN members to consider adopting it. It’s a step in the right direction and as a community I’d like us to get behind it and encourage it.


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